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April 2016

What are we to do with those who have wandered from the truth? Eric uses the book of James to explore this important issue.

October 2015

Learn about how Jesus addressed every adult's need of forgiveness.  Read about the 7-steps of forgiveness and the necessity of true faith for complete forgiveness.

September 2015

This month's gospel message addresses parents.  ‘Let the children come to me; do not hinder them, for to such belongs the Kingdom of God"....

April 2015

How Jesus' grace for healing the blind is a paradigm for all humanity in our helplessness, rut, enslavement to sin....

March 2015

Jesus's parable of two men praying, revealing two different self-understandings and receiving two different destinies... 

February 2015

What the Father has done through Jesus is intended to affect radically the way we act toward one another and make peace...

January 2015

Jesus’ encounter with a demon-possessed man provides a paradigm of life-transforming change for us...

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