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Wise counseling is essentially a way of loving another person well. It is a way of speaking what is true and constructive for a person's life right now.  Good counseling is essentially wise love in action.  It is the image of God made flesh among us, full of grace and truth.  If my counseling does not help others rely upon Another, I will inevitably teach them to rely on themselves - or on me, or others, or medications, or techniques.  


We also believe that effective counseling interweaves threads that are bibilical and personal; horizontal threads are pertinent to the individual's personal life situation and his/her relationships to others, whereas the vertical threads weave individual's faith.


We meet in a variety of places; in the comfort of one's home, church, or office.  We have experience in counseling for individuals, marriages, families, parental and child relationship, and corporate.  To inquire about counseling, please contact Eric Johnson (info in the Contact tab on this website).



Church Consulting

We have been hired by churches to address the concerns of the local faith community.  We help churches and pastors in peacemaking, vision casting, evangelism, congregational care, forming kinship groups, grief counseling, and more.  Our life coaching process works well with pastors, elders, and other leaders helping them know themselves and how to work well as a team.



Small-Group Bible Studies

Not all Bible studies are alike.  We have theological training from a leading seminary and 30 years of ministry experience in bringing people of all ages and walks of life to come together as community and study the Bible.  IN small group settings, we have couples' study groups, men's study group, young adults' study group, businessmen's study group, and more; members of each group coming together based on their shared interests, and in the process cherishing relationships and growing in their faith as they study the Bible.  Our Small-Group Bible studies are usually held in interested people's homes.  We find that in personal, private, and  small-group friendly settings of homes or other venues, people feel more engaged as they study the Bible.



LIfe Coaching

We are familiar with vision statements for everything but very few of us have a vision statement for our lives.  Using a biblical and true process, we help each individual determine the core-motivators of one's life.  We then help them write and navigate their lives with the help of a vision statement.  This results in a powerful way to live a life to the full.



Cultivating Leadership

Cultivating leadership among people we work with is one of the most effective way to spread the Gospel and strenghten foundation of faith in the community.  This allows Adult Minstiries Inc to grow and expand.  As an example, Eric Johnson (far left) has encouraged the two gentlemen in the photo to work along side for our prison ministry.  Similarly, Eric Johnson has cultivated leaderships for diverse ministries; in serving and leading others to strengthen their faith, these leaders are becoming stronger in their own leadership.



Events & Retreats

We have led many retreats, seminars, and activities geared for all ages of adults.  We are equipped for working with any adults no matter where they are on their faith journey.



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