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One Woman's Faith:

Testimonial  below is from Vantage Point Newsletter  August 2017

Two years ago, one woman in mid-life and disillusioned with her church described her faith journey in this way: "Eventually I took on the role of an overwhelmed mom in a chaotic household where the teenagers outnumbered the adults.  My husband and I were not equipped spiritually or emotionally for some of the struggles our kids experienced.  At the exact point where we had exhausted all of our own emotional resources and had nowhere else to turn, there came a phone call from Eric inviting us to a faith-based discussion group that included friends we loved and admired.  It felt like a life preserver had been thrown into our sea of troubles. 

Life Counseling:
"My life has changed completely..."

This video is a powerful testimonial of total transformation from just six-months of counseling, Bible study, and prison ministry by Eric Johnson.

Marriage Counseling:

Testimonial  below is from Vantage Point Newsletter  August 2013

"My wife was about to leave me... (now) my wife is my best friend"...:

A year ago I was in darkness, lost and looking at the end of a hollow marriage. I worked to pay the bills; but communication with my wife was infrequent and argumentative. I had alienated my kids. I felt like a stranger looking in on my family as they enjoyed a bond I wanted but just could not share. I was addicted to pornography. It consumed me and controlled my actions. I was fed up with it and I begged God to stop me; but I couldn’t stop.


My wife was about to leave me and my kids had endured enough of my being a mean parent, if I could even call myself a parent. My wife went to the pastor of our church. He spoke to both of us and recommended that I start seeing you. Honestly, I was unsure about this. I was scared; but I was sure that I didn’t want to lose my family and be alone....

Bible Studies:

Testimonial  below is from Vantage Point Newsletter of December 2013.

One adult who has attended church throughout his life summarized what he thinks we do this way:


 “You always talk about Jesus.”


“I have never been a part of a small group that talked about Jesus the way you do.”


“You are not afraid to pin us down on what we believe.”


“You taught me to listen when others talk about Jesus.”


Published in June 2016 Issue.

Testimonial from a church group

We recently studied the marks of mature faith in the book of James. One couple was so challenged that they asked me if I would speak to their church group.

They wrote me (Eric), “We wanted to thank you again for coming to our group and spending two hours discussing this topic [gossip] with us! It made quite an impression on everyone. The group had a brief time of discussion after you left, then some pretty intense prayer time as EVERYONE was obviously convicted by the Holy Spirit after your talk; we each prayed for forgiveness and greater discernment in the future. It's so amazing to see the effect God's Word has on those who really desire to be obedient. We were so thankful and amazed to see that each and every one in our group was strongly impacted by your talk. Thank you again for a very enlightening evening!”

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